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Click Energy NI are the newest electricity supplier to enter the domestic market. They launched in October 2015 and aim to offer all their customers the same tariff rate. Click Energy NI state that there will be no tie-in, no contracts and no exit fees.

Tel: 0800 107 0732
Address: Click Energy NI, 1st Floor, Timberquay, 100-114 Strand Road, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Customer Rating

Shortly this section will display the ratings provided by local consumers who have provided reviews about Click Energy NI on Switchadvisor. As the company has only launched there are not enough ratings submitted to provide a summary of consumer views.

ClickEnergy NI Tariffs

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Tariff Name Payment & billing method Pence per kWh unit* Annual estimated cost**
Keypad 24h Pay as You Go 13.76p £523
Bill Pay 24h Any payment/billing method 13.76p £523

* Pence per unit including VAT at 5%
** Based on typical electricity consumption of 3,800kWh per year, including VAT at 5%

Critical Care Register

Telephone: 0800 107 0732
Address: Customer Services Team, ClickEnergy, Timberquay, 100-114 Strand Road, Derry, BT48 7NR

Support Provided Further Information
Free Meter Move (to assist with reading meter by customer) Provided on request to qualifying customers
Security Measures for home visits (Police check / password scheme) Photo ID. Freephone number to verify staff. PSNI Quick Check
Ability to nominate person to look after billing / meter reads etc Service provided to customers on register
Bills / Info / leaflets in alternative formats Bills can be read by customer services staff
Special controls & adaption for equipment (braille knobs & handi-plugs etc) Provided on request to qualifying customers
Visit to read meter on request Provided on request to qualifying customers

 Additional Information

£150 Security Deposit applies to all Bill Pay Tariffs where Non-Direct Debit Payment Method is selected.

ClickEnergy NI state that customers will have transparency in relation to their usage so bills should not come as a shock. There are no exit fees, contracts or tie-ins. Further information on this new company will be added shortly 

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