Comparing Electricity Prices

You can choose which energy company supplies electricity to your home. So it’s important to shop around to find the best deal or check if another supplier provides additional services or better customer experience.

There are now five electricity suppliers to choose from – Budget Energy, ClickEnergyNI, Electric Ireland, Power NI and SSE Airtricity.

(Many people think NIE Networks supplies electricity – they don’t – they own the wires and pylons which electricity suppliers use to get power to your home. This has no bearing on the electricity you receive)

Power to Switch‘ can help you quickly and easily find the best deal. Once you have found another supplier and confirmed the switch you have ten working days cooling off period to cancel if you change your mind. The switch should be completed within 15 working days after the end of the cooling off period.

Be sure to check out Switchadvisor to read the experiences of other consumers who have switched and how they rate their energy supplier – don’t forget to add your own views!

Electricity Suppliers

Click on any of the electricity supplier logo’s to find out more about each company:

Comparing Services Provided by Electricity Suppliers

Although price is often key it is worth considering any other services your energy supplier can provide. Energy companies compete on price but also standards of service and additional features or innovations to help improve your overall experience. Take a look at some of the different products and services offered by each electricity supplier.

Switching and Tariffs
Service Provided SSE Airtricity Budget Energy Electric Ireland Power NI ClickEnergy
Welcome pack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Switch online Yes Yes Yes Register Online Yes
Early Exit fee £20 (1 yr Contract) £30 (1 yr Contract) No No No
Switch by Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bills and Payments
Service Provided SSE Airtricity Budget Energy Electric Ireland Power NI ClickEnergy
Top up outlets Paypoint Paypoint/Payzone Paypoint/Payzone Paypoint & Post Office Paypoint
Phone top up Yes Yes Yes Yes & iphone app Yes
Cards accepted All All All All All
Annual Statement (keypad) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Billing & Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fixed Term Contract Fixed term tariffs available Fixed term tariff available No No No
Security Deposit for Non Direct-Debit Customers £200 £150 £200 (refunded after 12 months) Subject to credit check £150
Frequency of Credit Bills Every 2 months Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Meters and Meter Reads
Service Provided Airtricity Budget Energy Electric Ireland Power NI ClickEnergy
Keypad or Credit Meter Both Both Both Both Both
Submit Meter Reads – Online Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Submit Meter Reads – Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reminder to submit meter reads Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Services for Vulnerable Consumers

Energy companies provide a range of support to help vulnerable consumers. You may be vulnerable if you are a pensioner, disabled or chronically ill. For more information on support for vulnerable consumers read our guide for vulnerable customers.

Customer Care Registers

All electricity suppliers have a Customer Care Register. This has the details and needs of their customers who are vulnerable. Suppliers will provide assistance and specific support to customers who register their details with them. Choose any of the company links below to see the services offered by each electricity supplier along with contact details so you can get on the register.

NIE Networks Critical Care Register

Don’t forget Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) operate a Critical Care Register where they keep details of consumers who rely on electrical equipment for day to day care. This includes medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, patient vital signs monitoring systems and home dialysis.

Add your details to this register to allow NIE Networks to prioritise your needs if your supply goes off. For a planned interruption NIE Networks will contact you at least three days beforehand to let you know about the power cut or loss of supply you will be kept updated. In the event of an un-planned power cut you will be given priority.

NIE Networks (Critical Care)

Telephone: 03457 643 643
Address: Northern Ireland Electricity Networks, 120 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 5HT
Minicom: 03457 147 128
E-mail: customercontact@nienetworks.co.uk
Website: www.nienetworks.co.uk

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